4 ways to the happiness [Japanese Zen master lessons]

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●About our videos.
Osho Taigu’s “Heart of Buddha” is entitled as “Prescription of the mind that transforms suffering into hope”. With his Buddhist perspective, Osho Taigu, whose life is rich in experiences, answers to the questions received from people both domestic and foreign.

Content of questions varies from human relationship, work, love affairs, and to health issues. For example:

□I can’t get along with my supervisor.
□I am being bullied at school.
□I don’t feel motivated at work.
□I can’t get him out of my mind even after breakup.
□I`ve got an intractable disease and don’t have any hope for living.

Thankfully, we have received from viewers many positive feedbacks such as “This is exactly what I wanted to learn to overcome my issues”, “ Thank you so much for the helpful advice” .
Please watch the videos and share them with whoever you know is suffering.

●Osho Taigu’s profile

Japanese Zen Buddhist priest Gensho Taigu, born in 1972, is the head priest of Fukugonji temple and representative of Jiko business group. He is a very unique Buddhist priest, the embodiment of “neither the clergy nor the laity” who is also known as a Karate master, therapist, president of the company and writer. His Buddhist name “Taigu” , means the greatest fool who has attained a state of spiritual enlightenment.

▪To learn more about Osho Taigu Osho taigu’s official website: http://taigu-gensho.com/
▪About Fukugonji temple:https://fukugonji.com/
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