What do you have in you? : Realizing and accepting what you have in you brings a possibility

A 22-year-old man is at a loss. Straight after his graduation from a junior-high school, he left his parent’s home and started living independently. He worked and saved up money to realize his dream to get higher education. He got that dream but he also got depression. He was sure and certain that his will power will never lose to anyone but he has realized that when he got depression, he lost his confidence and his strong will power. He got a job at the company where he could do what he want. He thought he would do his best in his new job when he started working but he quit after only 3 months because of depressive symptoms such as insomnia. Now he doesn’t know what to do. He asks – such a person like me worth living? Osho-Taigu gives his advice based on his Zen Buddhism and life experience. ‘State of Emptiness’ – one must realize and accept that we have nothing and that’s a good thing, a possibility. When we realize that there is nothing inside us, many things can start getting into us.

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