Your place is here: The life lessons school doesn’t teach you

A university student in his early 20s seeks advice. It was his dream to study at Tokyo University, one of the most prestigious university in Japan. He studied for one year to get into the university after he graduated from high school. He spent the first two years of university by studying various subjects which interested him. He did not join any university club or social gathering. He has only a few friends. He did not master anything or deepen his knowledge on a certain topic. He feels now alienated in his class. He has started asking himself, ‘Who am I?’ ‘What am I doing here?’, ‘What have I done for the past two years?’ He thought he could find his place in Tokyo University but now he is at a loss. Taigu-Osho based on his Buddhist philosophy and life experience gives his advice. He explains life comparing to an airplane that are composed of countless parts. Humans and their lives are the same. Various experiences are merely a dot (parts) in life. Various dots (parts) are being connected by human relationship to become lines and then surfaces. In other words, parts are assembled to be big parts and then an airplane by human relationship to make an airplane function. Without even a single piece of parts, an airplane cannot fly. Humans are the same. No experiences are wasted. Taigu-Osho gives him advice how to start and go on his life journey.

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