Do you really need best friends? Meaning of Real Friends [Part 1]

A 24-year-old woman worries about not having best friends, and Osho Taigu questions “Do you really need best friends?” This woman has 5 or 6 good friends whom she hangs out with, but feels that she doesn’t have trusted best friends. She wants to have her so-called best friend who can give a speech at her wedding. Osho says that many women would dream about their weddings, but he sees “The Wedding Myth” tends to portray a false sense of happiness to the extent that many women are feeling intense jealousy, even though marriage is just a milestone. Osho Taigu shares his experience in his last year of grade school to tell us about comparing the pros and cons of having best friends. He came to his conclusion that “Having best friends could be bad!” Having BFF is a myth, and longing and hoping for best friends may only end up making you disappointed. Instead, he suggests for us to have a “Shō yū (勝友 meaning a great friend)” from the Buddhist Scriptures. Have any successful people in the world or famous figures in history ever had their best friends? What you need is a “Shō yū,” who would teach you and give you courage or someone you can look up to. It is totally fine if only you consider them as your great friends. Osho’s prescription is to have as many “Shō yū” as possible. He also shares with us the practical solutions from Buddhist teachings in order to have great friends. 24歳の女性の「親友に関する悩み」に対して大愚和尚は、親友が本当に必要なのか、ということを提示されています。この女性には5、6人の友達はいても、心から信じられる親友がいないと感じています。結婚式の場でスピーチをしてくれるような、親友と呼べる人がいなくて悩んでいるのです。女性が結婚に憧れることは当然ですが、現実的に見た場合に、どうも「結婚式神話」という幸せなイメージによる強烈な嫉妬心が出てきている傾向があり、結婚はあくまで通過点だと和尚は説かれます。さらに大愚和尚は自分の小学校時代の経験を通して、親友がいることのメリットとデメリットを考えたときに、親友がいたら逆に困るという結論に達したそうです。永遠の親友がいるということは「親友神話」であって、それに憧れ期待して落胆するよりは、仏教の言葉である「勝友(しょうゆう):優れた友達」を持つことを勧められます。世界で活躍する人、歴史に名を残す人には親友がいただろうかという問いかけ、さらには自分を高めていくための勝友の探し方にも言及されます。一方的であっても、自分が勝手に思っているだけでも、勇気をもらえるような人、尊敬できる部分を持っている人を、勝友としてたくさん持つことが今回の処方箋です。さらに、仏教に基づいた誰にでもできる優れた友を持つための秘訣について学ぶことができます。 ___________________________________________________________________________ Visit our website:… Please give us your feedback to improve our video and English subtitle. (…) 大愚和尚心の翻訳メンバー募集 Join us, be a part of Osho Taigu Heart Translation Club ! If you are interested in working with us to make people’s life less painful and more hopeful, Please fill the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.… Enjoy!

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