Etiquette is our identity

A man in his 20s thinks that Japanese etiquette is a bad habit. He wants to stop it from passing on to the next generation. He is upset that salespersons at store has to treat customers as God and accept whatever customers say and do. He said now is the time to change. He asks Osho Taigu’s opinion. He explains and discusses what is happening to etiquette in Japan. The importance of etiquette for Japanese… Visit our website:… Please give us your feedback to improve our video and English subtitle. (…) 大愚和尚心の翻訳メンバー募集 Join us, be a part of Osho Taigu Heart Translation Club ! If you are interested in working with us to make people’s life less painful and more hopeful, Please fill the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.… Enjoy!

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佛教里有“慈悲喜舍”四种修行。本节接续上节,讲解了“喜”和“舍”。 孩子不经过心灵培养,是无法理解到此层次。 [...]
佛教里有“慈悲喜舍”四种修行。本节讲解了“慈”和“悲”。 孩子不经过心灵培养,是无法理解到此层次。 所以,先从对孩子的心灵培养开始。 [...]

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