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About One Question One Answer Consultation

  • Even though Taigu Osho reads all of the letters sent in, he will not be able to reply to every message due to the high volume of consultation requests.
  • Bushin Buddhism members’ and apprentices’ questions are prioritized.
  • Please refrain from directly calling Fukugonji Temple or visiting the Temple to see Taigu Osho. This will disturb the Temple and its activities.
  • We do not contact individual requesters. Your question will be answered in a video consultation. Please keep an eye out for upcoming videos.

Translated by Chase Hastings


We cannot guarantee when letters will be consulted.

Currently, because of the high number of consultation requests, we cannot guarantee when letters will be consulted. At this time, waiting times are estimated to be at or sometimes over six months. Taigu Osho is reading all of the received letters. 

We do not offer individual consultations by phone or email. Please fill out a consultation form.

Not always.

Taigu Osho attends the Temple’s routines, services, meetings and so on during the day. Thus even though you visit the Temple, we cannot guarantee you will be able to meet him. But Fukugonji Temple is open all year around. Please visit if you are nearby. 

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