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About Osho Taigu
Taigu Gensho
Founder of Busshin (Heart of Buddha) Buddhism
Chief priest of Daisozan Fukugonji Temple
CEO of Jiko Management Co.,Ltd.
Chairperson of Jiko Group

Taigu, his Buddhist name, is Great Fool in English. This name means those who have achieved the state of mind that is free from everything. After graduating from Komazawa University, he had Buddhist training at Sojiji Head Monastery of Soto Zen Buddhism. Then he obtained an MA in literature from the Graduate School of Aichi Gakuin University. As a unique priest with five faces, a priest, entrepreneur, writer/lecturer, physical therapist, and karate master, he embodies “Neither monk nor layman”.

Journey to be a Buddhist Priest

Osho Taigu was born and grew up in Komaki city, Aichi prefecture. As a disciple of Fukugonji Temple with a history of 540 years, he started learning sutras at the age of three and attending funerals as a trainee monk at five, and entered the priesthood at ten. However, he fled the temple rebelling against his strict master, the old traditions, and the pressure of being a "temple kid."

Starting at thirty two, he launched several successful businesses in order to actualize his compassion. He realized that personnel training in business is identical with self-development which is the ultimate goal of Buddhism. He decided to return to the temple just before forty and passed down his businesses to his successors. While travelling in twenty three countries around the world, including the traditional Buddhist mission routes from India to Japan, he questioned himself once again what he should do as a priest, and what temples should be like in Japanese society.

Osho Taigu was appointed the 31st chief priest of Fukugonji Temple in 2015. In May of 2018, he founded Busshin Buddhism and made Fukugonji Temple its head temple. The doctrine of Busshin Buddhism is to return to Buddha’s original teachings and nurture compassion, wisdom, and Buddha-nature. He also introduced an unconventional membership/affiliation system.

A Buddhist Priest who is making the future

Currently, in parallel with work as the chief priest, Osho Taigu devotes himself to teaching in-temple disciples. He also opened Busshinsou Gakuin, the online school, where people can learn the essence of Buddhist teachings and apply them in real life. Seminars called Buddha’s Management Mandala Workshop are held for business leaders who seek to train their “Mind, Technique, Body”, the three important elements especially sought after by martial artists. He has had many opportunities to teach how to live and how to work with Buddhists’ perspectives through various channels such as lectures, books, and his website. His YouTube channel, Osho Taigu’s 1 Question & 1 Answer that has more than 330,000 subscribers, gives “prescriptions for your mind” for their life issues. Osho Taigu is now teaching various people in various ways.

Some of his future plans are to start Temple Stay and Teramachi Community Project. He hopes that these projects will be good models of reconstruction for many other Buddhist temples disappearing due to the declining birthrate and growing proportion of elderly people. Under the theme of “Mentoring, Ikigai finding, and Community building”, the Teramachi Community Project suggests building a small but beautiful, heartful and culturally rich community, and it is drawing attention from many business owners around the world.
(Teramachi: temple town, ikigai: purpose of life)

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